Robin's Journal - Entry 42

Date: 5/25
Location: Solis. Abandoned Zoo & Sisyphus’s Territory.
Current Time: ??? Without the Sun properly moving across the sky, it is impossible to tell. Therefore all times posted below are estimates, based on my internal clock.
Name: Robin Brownlocke

7:20 – Left the cottage of Posy the Gnome, Erebor has grown an exceptional amount overnight. I should ask what Posy fed him. Kai screamed at the birds and frightened the giraffes. Headed towards the tracks in the Zoo. Posy said she’d catch up with us once she’d fed the animals.

7:38 – Heard yelling from ahead. A giant tarantula had attacked an aasamar, a dragon, and some kind of large-handed smurf. Together, after a well-aimed fireball from the aasamar, we managed to subdue the creature with only minor injuries. I managed to extract several vials of poison from the beast. The forest suffered minimal damage from the fire.

7:45 – Posy arrived and identified the tarantula as one of the kidnapped animals. She reduced him to normal size, put out the rest of the forest fire, and healed the party. The aasamar introduced herself as a sorceress named Arken, the dragon as Virgil, and the smurf as a kval named Polemarchus. They said they work with the resistance, and had come to find us. We updated them on the status of our mission and continued to the Zoo.

8:15 – Arrived at the Zoo to find another man there. He told the new squad members that resistance leader ‘Luke’ had died, but did not specify a cause. He then departed. We presented the tracks to Posy, she then returned home. We managed to track the footprints through the forest to a city street, where small streaks of blood were observed, I determined it was feline. Posy had mentioned that a puma was missing.

9:45 – Two men were observed watching us from a nearby building. Kai confronted them and they attacked. The men were lightning fast, using magic or a magical ability to manipulate space-time. They managed to blink Arken away, followed by Kai, Virgil, and Polemarchus. I pursued them, but quickly lost sight of them. Kai caught up to Erebor and we regrouped. The aasimar and kval recalled seeing the men in dreams, but could not remember the dream. We continued to track the puma.

10:30 – A strange noise was heard in a nearby alley. Kai investigated and found a half-crab, half-human boy. The crab-boy ran away, terrified of being found. Kai tackled him and interrogated him, determining that Sisyphus had a female scientist transmute the boy. We promised him safety and a possible cure in exchange for information. Virgil and Erebor carried him back to Posy and updated her on the situation.

12:30 – Arrived at a compound guarded by an apathetic sphinx. We failed to solve a riddle, he failed to solve ours. We entered into a maze. We found a room with a chest, which Kai punched open. A noxious gas poured out and we were forced to retreat further into the maze. We passed though a pair of doors, where a scorpion-man was located. Kai went back into the gas, using a patch of cloth to block his mouth and nose. The scorpion-man opened a ‘shortcut’ though the maze for us. Kai came back with goggles.

13:00 – The shortcut was a narrow corridor with pressure plates every 10 feet. Kai attempted to disarm one before giving up. We jumped over them instead. The corridor lead us to a larger room with a coffin in the middle. We pushed open the coffin and found a hole leading to the floor below.

New in Town

Prepare yourself! This is the story of the lone wanderer: Kai The Avalanche!

So get this: I run into this guy who goes by Terrance Red in a little fishing town back in Tian-Xia. The guy is obviously foreign and is throwing around some serious coin. He was asking for trouble, so I decide to tag a long with a little for some fun, after all I can’t see Renzin complaining about beating up some thugs to protect a naive foreigner. A little violence can be a good thing after all. Sure enough within five minutes of trailing the guy, at least seven or eight of the local riff raff try to jump him. After they were dealt with, the guy says he wants to treat me to a meal. So we get to chatting and it turns out he’s from Garund. He was on some kind big game hunting expedition or something in a place he called “The Migwani Expanse”. I had been looking to get out of Tian-Xia for a while but never had any thoughts on where to go to but this place sounded great. Giant spiders, dinos, ancient temples and even the Osirion desert! Sounded good to me. So I jumped on a small boat bound for the city of Katapesh and was on my way within an hour.

Anyway I’m just off the boat and feeling a little cooped up so I decide to look for some recreational activity. I ask this bird lady if she knows about a sparing ring in town… she doesn’t. So next thing I know this shading looking guy is in my face about fighting him. Now I was just looking to watch a fight or two and besides: I don’t start fights. I start to walk away and next thing I know, this guy picked a fight with that clueless bird lady and she sicked her giant ass bird him. He’s a bout to get torn to pieces so I tackle him to the ground.

Hold on to your hats lady’s and gentlemen cause this is where things got weird. So after I hit the ground I realized that what should have been wood planks on a dock, was a dry sandstone road. I stood up to find myself standing in middle of a desert city. The sun was bright as hell and it looked like it was about noon. Interesting only because it had be nine in the morning a few seconds ago. All the buildings look like shit; like there was a war or everyone went on vacation for the past couple of years. On top of that the first people I came across turned out to be cannibals. Now most people might be a little concerned over all this. The Kai the Avalanche though.

After a minute or two, that lady from the dock pops into the middle of the street. Says her name is Robbin and that guy I tackled sent us here. She’s rocking a a pretty wicked looking sword and her companion is a Roc. We head down the street to a restaurant that those cannibals I met mentioned. Come to think of it, I might not have taken their advice on where to eat, if I had known at the time they were cannibals. Anyway, the barkeeper as the place points us towards a little sack across the street where some group going by “the resistance” has set up and says they might be able to fill in some blanks. Who the hell knows what exactly they’re resisting.

Security at the resistance HQ sucked. I managed to guess the secret know on my first try. Anyway in exchange for helping them out they said we could crash at their place with some other dudes. Oh also I guess I should mention that an extra dimensional sliver of hell surrounded the perimeter of the city making leaving impossible. I wasn’t planning on leaving anyway because this place was way more interesting than fighting Dinosaurs.

These resistance guys don’t seem to know what they’re doing. They say it’s been nine months since anyone has left the city and the sun hasn’t set either. They have no clue what’s causing it other than possibly these for bad asses who’s names I forget. They did tell me that the guy who sent us here is probably a local pest named Zoka, so they aren’t all bad. I’ll have to pay Zoka a visit but first there’s this other guy named Sisyfus. I guess he’s supposed to be some kind of badass but he’s recruiting local children as part of his army and he sounds like a pussy to me.

After they told us what they knew and set us up with a place to stay, they sent us off to explore an abandoned zoo. a few miles from their base. It’s weird because everyone in the city is starving so I would have thought that zoo animals would be the first to go but when we got there it looked like it had been left alone. Not only that but a huge lush jungle was growing there. After a little looking around we found that someone had freed the animals. We also found a set of human tracks along side some drag marks. Before we could follow them though Robbins bird found something living in the jungle and we ran to investigate only to get attacked by a rabid bear. I’ve never fought a bear before but having done I can honestly say I had been missing out. Robbin seems like an okay person too; she made no attempt to kill the bear, only knock it out.

The bear successfully pacified, I left to investigate the tracks. After tracking them a bit I realized Robbin wasn’t with me and headed back to the bear to see if she had gotten eaten by lions or something, only to run headlong into a gnome and her seven foot tall praying mantis. She was grateful for my not killing the bear. The whole scene would have warmed Renzin heart to hear about, the old bastard.

The carrot colored little sprite told us that she was the one who was maintaining the jungle and the one who had released the animals. Also mentioned that someone had been taking animals. She offered to make us both dinner and give us a place to rest. It’s just after dinner now and I set up a rope hammock in a tree. Kinda sunny out but there’s some shade from the trees. A sloth has been making its way toward me for the better part of an hour so I guess I’ve got a hammock mate.

Back to the Shop

After the events of the night before and having a discussion with Arken, we had decided to go back to the general store. It is safe to say that the shop looked as though it has been involved in a bit of a massacre, with destroyed objects strewn across the room.

Arken and myself had the brilliant idea to speak to the daughter of the shop owner, Jenny. While we were there, we had learned that she wasn’t pleased with the people that had taken over the town. Because of her alignment with the life that she once had with the town prior to the takeover, we thought she would be a significant part in the Resistance. After a bit of chatting and trying to reconcile with what had occurred the night before, we successfully were able to talk her into supplying the resistance with goods that they may need.

After this agreement, Arken and I helped clean up the store for a bit, since it was in shambles. Hopefully doing this help our affiliation and friendliness with the civilians with the town.

The Story of Tick Tukk
The Book of Animal: Chapter 1

The moring arrived and Tick reflected on the previous day. At the shop he not only didn’t get his belt, but he almost died for his actions. The daughter of the shop chased after him as the old man died. Tick used his scrolls and she suvived. She could have killed Tick but she chose not to. Tick decided to repent for his actions due to this kindness. So he left early looking for a way to revive the old man. Tick knows he needed to find a high level cleric or maybe even a scroll with that type of power so he searched for shops and places that may have those.

As Tick wandered the smell of food brought him ti General Tsos, where 2 fox people were cooking. Only a single cloaked man sat in the shop. Suspicous, Tick snuck closer to the seemingly human figure. Curious, Tick cast detect magic and say that the figures puch was magic. In a mooment of swiftness, Tick snatched the pouch and quick left the building and hid to find out what was within. He found some gold, a scroll, and a note. The note was unreadble, but the puch was magic. So Tick continued on.

Tick say a cooper who was still in business. The dwarf insed was making barrels. He said he sold many barrels as shelter and said they cost about 100 gp. So whie distracted, Tick hid and liberated he key for the back room. There he found many barrels, and in one a dead and burned man. When the dwarf opened the door finally, Tick questioned the man and he said he was forced to hid the body for the creatures that arent from here. The dwarf asked for Tick’s help. Tick a generous goblin offered his help to bring down the sun, and the dwarf graciously gave Tick some gold to help him out. Tick left and found a suspicously sealed off building called, “Legitimate Bussinessmen’s Club”. Tick found the spire on the church of the moon goddess Luna. There the priestest Luarel offered to revive the old man for Tick. As a favor Tick offered to return the moon to city and grasciously Luarel offered Tick a wand she would make in a few days.

Tick entered the shop and apologized to the shop people. They forgave him and said they would do business with his group. They traded Tick some items to make him stronger and to aid in his foght to down the sun.

And Tick was pleased.

The Dream
Where will it lead you?

A vision breaks the darkness of your sleep. At first it seems countless miles away, a colorful portrait breaching the endless black. But as you’re floating through the black, you begin to hear a voice. The words it says are unrecognizable,but you cannot help but feel compelled to follow the sound. As you float towards the vision, the voice becomes louder and soon the color becomes recognizable shapes.

A mountain comes into views, and the voice suddenly stops. Atop the mountain is a light, brighter than a thousand suns. Your eyes burn, but you cannot find it in your heart to look away. Something big, black and sinister comes down forom the clouds and starts to engulf the light. But instead of concealing the light, it shines brighter through every vein in the thing’s shape.

Brighter and brighter.

The mountain starts to crack and break as the light forces its way down through the rock.Suddenly, you find yourself no longer floating and begin to fall back through the blackness.

You awake with a whiteout, gasping in intense pain. As you regain your breath, you expect to not be able to recall your nightmare, but instead it stays clear in your mind. As the day goes on, you find that the dream will not get out of your head. The vision you had becomes clearer in your memory, until it is the only thing you can think about. You find yourself walking, walking an unknown direction, as if the voice is calling to you again.

You have to find this light.

So everyone! That’s the beginning of the story. Our group will all meet when everyone has made their way to the base of this mountain. I was hoping that everyone could write down or at least think about how their character left where they were from and made it to the mountain. Hopefully, this will get everyone comfortable with roleplaying their character and get into the right mindset!

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