Back to the Shop

After the events of the night before and having a discussion with Arken, we had decided to go back to the general store. It is safe to say that the shop looked as though it has been involved in a bit of a massacre, with destroyed objects strewn across the room.

Arken and myself had the brilliant idea to speak to the daughter of the shop owner, Jenny. While we were there, we had learned that she wasn’t pleased with the people that had taken over the town. Because of her alignment with the life that she once had with the town prior to the takeover, we thought she would be a significant part in the Resistance. After a bit of chatting and trying to reconcile with what had occurred the night before, we successfully were able to talk her into supplying the resistance with goods that they may need.

After this agreement, Arken and I helped clean up the store for a bit, since it was in shambles. Hopefully doing this help our affiliation and friendliness with the civilians with the town.


vavoss AwkwardJulian

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