Robin's Journal - Entry 42

Date: 5/25
Location: Solis. Abandoned Zoo & Sisyphus’s Territory.
Current Time: ??? Without the Sun properly moving across the sky, it is impossible to tell. Therefore all times posted below are estimates, based on my internal clock.
Name: Robin Brownlocke

7:20 – Left the cottage of Posy the Gnome, Erebor has grown an exceptional amount overnight. I should ask what Posy fed him. Kai screamed at the birds and frightened the giraffes. Headed towards the tracks in the Zoo. Posy said she’d catch up with us once she’d fed the animals.

7:38 – Heard yelling from ahead. A giant tarantula had attacked an aasamar, a dragon, and some kind of large-handed smurf. Together, after a well-aimed fireball from the aasamar, we managed to subdue the creature with only minor injuries. I managed to extract several vials of poison from the beast. The forest suffered minimal damage from the fire.

7:45 – Posy arrived and identified the tarantula as one of the kidnapped animals. She reduced him to normal size, put out the rest of the forest fire, and healed the party. The aasamar introduced herself as a sorceress named Arken, the dragon as Virgil, and the smurf as a kval named Polemarchus. They said they work with the resistance, and had come to find us. We updated them on the status of our mission and continued to the Zoo.

8:15 – Arrived at the Zoo to find another man there. He told the new squad members that resistance leader ‘Luke’ had died, but did not specify a cause. He then departed. We presented the tracks to Posy, she then returned home. We managed to track the footprints through the forest to a city street, where small streaks of blood were observed, I determined it was feline. Posy had mentioned that a puma was missing.

9:45 – Two men were observed watching us from a nearby building. Kai confronted them and they attacked. The men were lightning fast, using magic or a magical ability to manipulate space-time. They managed to blink Arken away, followed by Kai, Virgil, and Polemarchus. I pursued them, but quickly lost sight of them. Kai caught up to Erebor and we regrouped. The aasimar and kval recalled seeing the men in dreams, but could not remember the dream. We continued to track the puma.

10:30 – A strange noise was heard in a nearby alley. Kai investigated and found a half-crab, half-human boy. The crab-boy ran away, terrified of being found. Kai tackled him and interrogated him, determining that Sisyphus had a female scientist transmute the boy. We promised him safety and a possible cure in exchange for information. Virgil and Erebor carried him back to Posy and updated her on the situation.

12:30 – Arrived at a compound guarded by an apathetic sphinx. We failed to solve a riddle, he failed to solve ours. We entered into a maze. We found a room with a chest, which Kai punched open. A noxious gas poured out and we were forced to retreat further into the maze. We passed though a pair of doors, where a scorpion-man was located. Kai went back into the gas, using a patch of cloth to block his mouth and nose. The scorpion-man opened a ‘shortcut’ though the maze for us. Kai came back with goggles.

13:00 – The shortcut was a narrow corridor with pressure plates every 10 feet. Kai attempted to disarm one before giving up. We jumped over them instead. The corridor lead us to a larger room with a coffin in the middle. We pushed open the coffin and found a hole leading to the floor below.


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