The Dream

Where will it lead you?

A vision breaks the darkness of your sleep. At first it seems countless miles away, a colorful portrait breaching the endless black. But as you’re floating through the black, you begin to hear a voice. The words it says are unrecognizable,but you cannot help but feel compelled to follow the sound. As you float towards the vision, the voice becomes louder and soon the color becomes recognizable shapes.

A mountain comes into views, and the voice suddenly stops. Atop the mountain is a light, brighter than a thousand suns. Your eyes burn, but you cannot find it in your heart to look away. Something big, black and sinister comes down forom the clouds and starts to engulf the light. But instead of concealing the light, it shines brighter through every vein in the thing’s shape.

Brighter and brighter.

The mountain starts to crack and break as the light forces its way down through the rock.Suddenly, you find yourself no longer floating and begin to fall back through the blackness.

You awake with a whiteout, gasping in intense pain. As you regain your breath, you expect to not be able to recall your nightmare, but instead it stays clear in your mind. As the day goes on, you find that the dream will not get out of your head. The vision you had becomes clearer in your memory, until it is the only thing you can think about. You find yourself walking, walking an unknown direction, as if the voice is calling to you again.

You have to find this light.

So everyone! That’s the beginning of the story. Our group will all meet when everyone has made their way to the base of this mountain. I was hoping that everyone could write down or at least think about how their character left where they were from and made it to the mountain. Hopefully, this will get everyone comfortable with roleplaying their character and get into the right mindset!


vavoss vavoss

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