The Story of Tick Tukk

The Book of Animal: Chapter 1

The moring arrived and Tick reflected on the previous day. At the shop he not only didn’t get his belt, but he almost died for his actions. The daughter of the shop chased after him as the old man died. Tick used his scrolls and she suvived. She could have killed Tick but she chose not to. Tick decided to repent for his actions due to this kindness. So he left early looking for a way to revive the old man. Tick knows he needed to find a high level cleric or maybe even a scroll with that type of power so he searched for shops and places that may have those.

As Tick wandered the smell of food brought him ti General Tsos, where 2 fox people were cooking. Only a single cloaked man sat in the shop. Suspicous, Tick snuck closer to the seemingly human figure. Curious, Tick cast detect magic and say that the figures puch was magic. In a mooment of swiftness, Tick snatched the pouch and quick left the building and hid to find out what was within. He found some gold, a scroll, and a note. The note was unreadble, but the puch was magic. So Tick continued on.

Tick say a cooper who was still in business. The dwarf insed was making barrels. He said he sold many barrels as shelter and said they cost about 100 gp. So whie distracted, Tick hid and liberated he key for the back room. There he found many barrels, and in one a dead and burned man. When the dwarf opened the door finally, Tick questioned the man and he said he was forced to hid the body for the creatures that arent from here. The dwarf asked for Tick’s help. Tick a generous goblin offered his help to bring down the sun, and the dwarf graciously gave Tick some gold to help him out. Tick left and found a suspicously sealed off building called, “Legitimate Bussinessmen’s Club”. Tick found the spire on the church of the moon goddess Luna. There the priestest Luarel offered to revive the old man for Tick. As a favor Tick offered to return the moon to city and grasciously Luarel offered Tick a wand she would make in a few days.

Tick entered the shop and apologized to the shop people. They forgave him and said they would do business with his group. They traded Tick some items to make him stronger and to aid in his foght to down the sun.

And Tick was pleased.


vavoss kingoldboy24

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