Sisyphus T Jones


During the chaos of the occupation a few survivors were able to send out an SOS to the outside, calling for a savior. The savior that they received was a mercenary named Sisyphus T Jones, who agreed to take out the Four Conquerors if the Solisians agreed to pay him an exorbitant fee; 20% of every citizen’s earnings for the next 20 years. When Sisyphus arrived in the city, he and his small gang of young soldiers quickly set up shop on the North Side of the Duke’s Demesne, now renamed Black Boot Hill. After a couple weeks of gathering intelligence, and burning buildings as he went, Sisyphus made an interesting discovery; it seems that there really was no one in charge. In fact, the whole city seemed to have fallen into a state of anarchy; full of murder, cannibalism, rape and arson. It was then that he made the decision that he kind of liked this hell hole, it reminded him of home. Why just make a fortune when you can just rule the place?


It was quickly after his arrival that the people of Solis found that Sisyphus wasn’t exactly famous for his success; instead it seems he was instead more infamous for his cruelty. No one knows where exactly he came from, only that his distinctive tiefling features give away his devilish heritage. Sisyphus takes a great deal of pleasure in manipulating the people around him, and has a certain love for the inherent cruelty of children. This is why he’s taken up the policy of recruiting children for his army, often training them into being just as manipulative and sadistic as he is. As violent and unpredictable as he is, he’s also has a strangely alluring personality, convincing many desperate people of Solis to move into his dominion, Black Boot Hill; for it was safer than many other places in the city.

Sisyphus T Jones

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