Solis is one of the oldest cities in Garund, famous for its magnificent and dangerous location and old religious traditions. It is said that Solis was founded by the god Valkon 2 thousand years ago, when he was so amazed by the beauty of of the Sayanir Mountains that he decided to found a human city on the top of the highest peak Mt Eskelon. He appointed one of his earliest human followers, Andu, as king giving him a small amount of his godly power. After taking the name Melindar, this new self-proclaimed God-King ruled over the settlers of Solis with with a strict yet just hand. After his death, Valkon’s power jumped to another person that Valkon saw fit, though it has remained a close secret on what determines this and how it is proved legitimate. Though many of the people of Solis aren’t the most religious, there is a very large percentage of the population that is extremely loyal to Valkon, especially those whose ancestors have been living in the city for hundreds of years. Though the worshiping of other gods was allowed, it was strictly prohibited to not include at least some worship of Valkon at any religious establishment, and all worship of deities whose portfolios were similar to Valkon was banned. The current emperor Amonothep was in the process of trying to impose harsher punishments to those who were considered to be nonreligious or against Valkon, often fining them or even jailing those who protested these new policies; this of course ended after his assassination.

Invasion and Occupation

The invasion of The Four Conquerors did not come without warning, yet the power of the Four was underestimated. After Averin’s vision of the city in ruins, Amonothep quickly put the guard force on high alert and erected a magical barrier around the city wall, letting no one in our out. It was a well kept secret how to penetrate this barrier, and only his closes allies knew the secret of penetrating barrier; though only on a small scale.


Solis was one of the largest cities in Garund and at one time had a population of about one million. Due to the anarchy and resulting violence and starvation the population has decreased immensely; though the number of surviving people is unknown. The former population consisted of mostly humans though there was a large amount of Tengu living the impoverished slum Chak-Chak Heights. Chak-Chak Heights is one of the Eight Districts of Solis; the others being First District, Duke’s Demesne, Residential District, Entertainment District, Gonzola, South Gonzola, Kareem, Mining District, Legal District, Xanthis Park and now thanks to the mercenary Sisyphus T Jones; Black Boot Hill.


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